"It's Time"


  • It’s time to elect candidates who support public education.

  • It’s time to increase funding to rural schools based on ADM and Tier 1 and Tier 2  status.

  • It’s time to increase teacher pay and additional pay for advanced degrees.

  • It’s time to hold charter schools and voucher recipient schools more accountable. 

  • It’s time to give school districts more autonomy when making decisions about their school districts.


  • It’s time to elect someone who believe that Medicaid expansion would benefit over 4,000 thousand Rockingham county citizens.

  • It’s time to protect women’s rights to reproductive health.


  • It’s time to increase the minimum wages.

  • It’s time to bring broad band into rural counties to provide access to the internet.

  • It’s time to provide additional funding to rural schools for infrastructure